Offering Hands Om Incense Burner

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Offering Hands Om Incense Burner
Unique Offering Hands Om Incense Burner, with floral spiral patterns covering its silver-tone base. An eye catching piece with a large Offering Hands on top and slots for up to 5 sticks. The concave edge keeps ashes contained. Environmentally friendly, made from heavy recycled aluminum, imported from India. Perfect for any altar!
  • Intricately detailed heavy aluminum incense burner/holder
  • 4.5 inches wide and 1.25 inches high
  • Has 4 slots on each edge for sticks ( 4 holes )
  • Can also be used for cone incense
  • Made in India from recycled aluminum
  • Since the product is recycled aluminum the color and shine might vary.
Tip: If stick incense won’t quite stand straight enough, break off the stick at the start of the incense, the little bit of incense will hold it steady.

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