The Ultimate Spiritual Cleansing Set

Bad Energy Be Gone!

How to remove negative energy in your home & for yourself, you ask? We have just the perfect resins & herbs for you!

This Ultimate Spiritual Cleansing Set includes 80g of each:

  • Hojari Frankincense Resin
  • Royal Green Frankincense Resin
  • Dried Mountain Sage
  • Evil Eye Resin Blend

All resins come packaged in a exquisitely handcrafted high quality, decorative container.

Frankincense, Sage & Evil Eye Resin Blends are known as purifiers. Burning them helps to drive out negative energy and restore balance to a particular space. “Smudging” with Frankincense & Sage is an ancient practice. It’s a purifying “smoke bath” that can be used to cleanse a person, place, object, or space of negative energies or influences. This can be lower vibrational energy, negative thoughts or even words from an old argument still hanging in the air. The Evil Eye Resin can be smudged if you think someone has given the evil eye to you, a family member or any of your personal belongings.

The Frankincense Resins are hand selected by our team personally from the Dhofar Region in Oman, Mountain Sage is from the Masafi Mountains in UAE and the Evil Eye Resin Blend is a secret blend of herbs, seeds & resins handmade by Holly Holistic.

Directions:  In a resin burner, place a small amount of resin or sage on top of a heated coal and let the smoke cover all areas of the home, especially dark or shadow spaces. When the smoke begins to melt away, it takes the unwanted energy with it.

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