Sweet Grass – 24″ braid

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Sweetgrass is one of the main herbs used by Native American people. It is often part of the medicine used when smudging along with sage and cedar. Just as sage is used to clear negativity and to cleanse, sweet grass is used to bring positivity. At native America healing circles, they often start the circle by smudging using sage. As circles tend to be heavy with lots of trauma shared. Sweetgrass is used at the end of the circle. To cleanse ourselves again and to bring back positivity and calm.

Sweetgrass represents positivity, strength, and connection to the Creator in all our relations. It represents our Mother Earth. It is our connection to the land, to what is around us. Its smell when burned dry is a sweet smell, like comfort and home. When braided, sweetgrass can represent a few different concepts. In the Cree-Ojibway culture, for example, the three braids of the sweetgrass can represent love, peace and harmony or mind, body and spirit.

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