Selenite Orgonite Pyramid

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Selenite is the most highly recommended crystal from energy healers the world over. Selenite is ideal for mental clarity, to cleanse and to ward off negative energies.

Selenite is a lovely soft mineral deriving from Gypsum. Selenite is the most popular Feng Shui crystal and is brilliant for energy healing, balance and meditation.
For those who have a lot of negative energy around them, combining the positive energy of selenite with the benefits of orgone, you will be able to create a nice peaceful environment.

Orgonite pyramids are representative of the energy you can see all around you. The abundant energy of the world is captured in a beautiful and unique looking pyramid.

Orgonite has been said to help with:
EMF sensitivity
Absorbing, and modulating the dirty electricity in our homes.
Children who have restless sleep or bad dreams. You can place them in your children’s bedrooms.
Many suggest that the orgone energy takes the chaotic disorder around it (such as EMFs, WIFI and radiation) and structures it in an efficient, harmonized manner.

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