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The love and healing vibrations of the items in this gift set help replace toxic emotions and blockages that clog the heart chakra and replace it with the energy of love. This set is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!

•Passion Rose Ombré Healing Bracelet made up of genuine Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, Garnet and Lava Stone for diffusing essential oils.
•Himalayan Rose Bud Bath Soak
(2 Test Tubes)
•Rose Geranium Essential Oil (30ml)
•Special LOVE Palo Santo Stick

This gift set is all about LOVE! Light the Palo Santo to smooth the vibes in your sacred space and for yourself. Add the bath soak to warm bath water to soak all the worries of the world away. Wear the healing bracelet to bring unconditional love into your heart. The essential oil can be used in a diffuser or mixed with a carrier oil for massage as it helps calm nerves, lessen feelings of stress, uplifts the spirit and boosts libido. Drop a couple drops directly into the bath water and also onto the Lava Stone bead on the bracelet to bring a deeper relaxation through a beautiful, loving aroma.

Comes packed in a recycled box & filling, complete with a red heart tag to write your own special message!

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