Lavender Herbal Bag

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Our Lavender Herbal Bags smell like pure relaxation from the moment you open the bag! Some spiritual ways to use our dried lavender is:

  • Bake lavender into cookies or flavor your lemonade with the flower to bring happiness.
  • Drink the tea, make a sachet, or eat food crafted from lavender to induce calm, relax your mind and even increase your brain power.
  • Use lavender in your beauty routine or carry the flower on you to promote longevity.
  • Burn lavender in your home or sprinkle along the floor of your home or business to ward off and remove harmful energies.
  • Fill an eye pillow, or place into your full pillow to help relax and bring on sleep.

Lavender has been seen as effective against: Anxiety, Bug bites, Depression, Insomnia, Minor burns, Stress Herbal bag contains 15grams of organic Lavender. Consult with a doctor before using for any medical conditions.

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