Lava Rock & Ocean Tumbled Granite Oil Diffuser Bracelet

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Diffuse your favorite essential oils with our Earthy Handmade Lava Rock & Ocean Tumbled Granite Oil Bracelet. As Lava Rock is porous, it enables the oils to soak in and last for days, using your bracelet as a portable essential oil diffuser.

Since lava is known for its grounding qualities, it’s wonderful for calming the emotions. In fact, the quality of fire springs from the ground, so in terms of healing gems, this lends itself to a calming- but intense- energy. Lava stones are fantastic for stabilizing and grounding the root chakra. This is because of the strong connection to the earth and its creation within the center of Earth.

The elemental powers of water and earth, ocean tumbled granite is a unique stone combining the elements of the sea with the deep-rooted foundations of the earth!

Simply pour a drop or two of your favorite essential oil onto the lava stone, turn the stones in a circular motion, and the oils will soak into the stone. You can now wear your bracelet, inhale the fragrance & enjoy the benefits.

Note: Each healing bracelet comes with its own healing benefit’s card.

Your bracelet will be constructed in the identical style pictured, but the bracelet pictured is just an example. Please understand that there will be variations in your bracelet as every batch of nature-made semi-precious stone beads will vary in overall color tones and textures.

Beads are 8mm, made with a strong stretch cord.

Measure your wrist for proper sizing and mention size in the notes. If not specified, the bracelet will be made to fit a medium size woman’s wrist.

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