Juniper Berry Herbal Bag

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Juniper Berry Herbal Bag

Juniper berries actually aren’t berries at all. They are female seed cones that come juniper plants which vary in appearance and can grow low and wide like a shrub or tall like a tree. Their uniquely fleshy, merged scales make them look like a berry, thus the name.

Juniper berries traditionally have been used to “detoxify” the body and promote healthy digestion and skin health, among many other things. And the results definitely aren’t all anecdotal. There are a large number of studies that reflect the incredible antioxidant and antibacterial potential of juniper berries. They may help improve skin conditions, digestions, act as a sleep aid & even be useful against certain cancers.

The berries can also burned as a cleansing ritual and protection against bad energy or to mix with other ingredients to make your own special healing incense.

Juniper Berry Herbal Bags contain 30 grams of organic berries.

Imported from USA.

Consult with a doctor before using for any medical conditions.

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