Our Frankincense soap is made with high quality sacred Hojari Frankincense resin freshly sourced from Oman and pure Frankincense essential oils. Each bar has a wonderful sacred aroma, as soon as you smell the warm, rich, sweet-woody scent of our frankincense soap, it’s easy to understand how special it truly is. Frankincense is opening and relaxing for both the body and mind. This batch of soaps was charged under the Full Moon infusing them with beautiful, healing energy of the moon.

Our handmade organic soaps are locally made in the UAE with lots of love & light! They aren’t made by machine, but carefully crafted by hand in small batches ensuring that all the healing and beneficial properties of each ingredient is retained in every bar.

We take pride in the high quality, natural ingredients used in all our products that are not only healthy for all skin types but for the environment as well! We do not add any synthetic ingredients such as fragrance oils or dyes, making our soaps excellent for those who suffer from chemical sensitivities or skin disorders.

All our soaps are 100% natural and vegan.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of virgin olive oil, coconut, sunflower and grape seeds. Pure Frankincense essential oil and granulated Frankincense Resin.

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