Frankincense & Myrrh Resin

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For thousands of years, practitioners of traditional medicine have valued frankincense and myrrh for their potent healing properties. 100% natural and organic this sacred holy resin gives a warm, rich, woody aroma to boost the spirits and the soul.  These resins are shrouded in rich history; several cultures believed that frankincense and myrrh possessed magical or spiritual energy. Today, practitioners of aromatherapy and herbalism continue to use these fragrant resins to treat disease and promote relaxation. Truly a Wiseman’s cure!
Personally sourced dfrom the Dhofar Region in Oman, and packed in in glass jar to preserve the ancient aroma. 
Each glass jar contains 100 grams of resin blend, directions for burning come with each jar. 
Consult your health care provider before using any form of alternative medicine.

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