Fire & Ice Smoky Quartz Point

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This is a very high grade and high vibration Smoky Quartz that helps to balance light and dark, heal past lives, assists manifesting and helps with new beginnings. It empowers us, helping us to see and tap into our own strengths and abilities, rather than doing the work for us. They sit well in the hand, are perfect for the centre of grids and distance healing as well as perfect for your altar when you aren’t working with them.

Naturally formed Fire and Ice Smoky Quartz is rare to find and only comes from one location in Brazil. The thermal heating and cooling of the earth among other influences causes the crackling inside.

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X-Large 215-250grams

Large 100-214grams

Medium 50-99grams

Small 20-49grams

Origin: Brazil

Your crystal will be chosen with intention, please visit our shop if you would like to personally choose one.

As crystals are natural, they will vary in shapes, size and color formation.

All crystal healing purchases are final, no refunds, no exchanges.

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Weight.23 kg

Large 100-214grams, Medium 50-99grams, Small 20-49grams, X-Large 215-250grams


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