Jade Yoni Eggs- 3 piece set

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According to traditional Taoist practice, using jade is important because of its energy. In energy medicine, jade is believed to help balance, regenerate, and heal the physical body. This is what makes the practice holistic—meaning that it benefits both the physical body and the energetic body. Holistic healing is common in Eastern traditions and is very much in alignment with the theory behind acupuncture, reflexology, Tibetan medicine, and Ayurveda. Using a jade egg can greatly enhance the efficacy of Kegel exercises by giving the muscles an object to grip and tense around. The movement of the jade egg inside also has the effect of stimulating reflexology points for all the major organs of the body. Kegel exercises redevelop the muscular tone and pelvic floor before giving birth to ease labor and to create a solid foundation to regain strength after the strain of pregnancy and labor. Includes 3 Natural Jade Drilled Eggs in Graduated Sizes for Kegel Exercise (Small, Medium, Large).

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