Crystals for Beginners – Ella Hughes

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Crystals are mysterious objects, shedding light on the bond our planet shares with the stars, and serving as our link to the universe around us. Crystals have been used for thousands of years through almost every culture and in almost every country. These arcane relics are believed to contain the essence of the stars, allowing them to directly affect the human form. From health, to mindfulness, to productivity, and protection – healing crystals have made their own niche in our modern day society. In this comprehensive beginners guide to healing crystals, you will be able to discover: •The origin of crystals •The healing properties of crystals •Crystals from A-Z •How to chose your crystals •Chakras and auras •How to create a crystal grid •How to protect yourself with crystals •How to cleanse your crystals •How to set intentions And much, much more!

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