Chakra Reiki / Treasure Box

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Chakra Reiki / Box

This beautiful velvet lined handcrafted wood yoga chakra design box is inlayed with printed glass of the 7 chakra symbols. Perfect for storing crystals, herbs, jewelry, cards or any of your magical treasures! This box can also be used as a Reiki Box.

What is a Reiki Box?

Place pieces of paper in it which you write or draw situations (or “requests”) that you want energy to be sent to. This way, you establish an “energetic signature” for that situation, that you or Reiki can later connect to. Then, whenever you want, just send Reiki to the box, intending that it goes to the situations identified by the pieces of paper in the box. This works very well, because the energy is guided by your intent. And when you added the requests, you intended that the healing you send to the box goes to them. Always end your requests with “for the highest good of all involved”. Place a crystal in or on top of the box to help activate the law of attraction.

Comes with a card for Reiki Box instructions.

Size: 5″ x 7″

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