Chakra Crystal Chip Bottles – 7 Piece Set

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7 Wishing Bottles filled with natural polished crystals with each chakra charm attached to the bottles. Each set comes beautifully packaged in a black box, perfect 

Crystals Included: Red Jasper (Root Chakra), Carnelian (Sacral Chakra), Tigers Eye (Solar Plexus Chakra), Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra), Lapis (Throat Chakra), Amethyst (Third Eye Chakra), Clear Quartz (Crown Chakra)

Uses: Great for meditation, crystal grids, rituals, healing, decorating, succulents, or just for enjoying the beauty of natural polished stones.

Bottle Size: 6.5cm each

As crystals are natural, they will vary is size, shape and color.

All crystal healing products are final, no refunds, no exchanges.

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