Brazilian Amethyst Stalactite Pendant

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This stunning Brazilian Amethyst Stalacatite mounted as a pendant is truly a statement piece and you will feel its majesty the moment you wear it. Each piece has a breathtaking Amethyst Stalactite resting on the top of a Gold or Silver plated mounting.  Each one is unique making this a great gift for yourself or any other goddess you know appreciative of one of a kind jewelry.

Amethyst is a power stone used for cleansing and healing.  It replaces negative energy with positive energy and disperses good vibes, making you feel tranquil and calm.

Stalactites are so mystical! They grow on the roof of caves from tiny droplets of mineral rich water, each drop creates a ring of calcite which forms the circular pattern within the stones. This is an Amethyst Stalactite.

Stalactites encourage inner growth, soul recognition and self-love, reminding us to always find the beauty within; as they are the beauties within their cave homes.

This listing is for 1 pendant and it will be intuitively chosen for you.

Approximate Size Range: 2.5cm-4.0cm

Made in Brazil

We also have matching cuff bracelet and earrings, both sold seperately.

All crystal jewelry purchases are final, no refunds, no exchanges.

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Weight.10 kg

Gold, Silver


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