Black Moonstone Tumbled Stone

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Black Moonstone evokes the Goddess and the energy of the Dark Moon, a time for personal reflection, spiritual mystery, and deep psychic power. Black Moonstone holds the energy of the New Moon and new beginnings. Whether it’s the start of a new project, a new pregnancy or setting new intentions, this is a wonderful stone to connect with during that new moon period.

When you work with black moonstone in sync with the moon’s cycle, it helps to cut through your internal layers, shedding light on the thoughts and patterns you need to let go of in order to pave your pathway to greatness. It also has a gentle protective and grounding energy that is not as prevalent in other types of Moonstone. Use this Black Moonstone Palm Stone at the start of a new venture to protect and ground you as you move forward.

Size Approx: 1″ Inch

Origin: Madagascar

Note: Crystals, minerals and tumbled stones are natural products and may vary in size, color and markings. They may also contain natural flaws and inclusions.


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