Banded Sardonyx Sphere

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Banded Sardonyx Stones attracts success and propels spiritual growth, causing you to progress forwards on your path. Having it in your energy field and holding it while you meditate nurtures your soul and deepens your connection with the Earth, grounding you to your core. Meditate with one in each hand, or hold one in your hands during times of stress to feel nurtured and calm.

Sardonyx is a multi-colored variety of banded onyx, which is a form of chalcedony quartz. Normally, onyx bands are black but in the form of sardonyx they have alternating reddish-brown and white parallel bands. The orange and black bands form as a blended mixture of onyx and orange carnelian.

Approximate size: 2.8-3.8cm

Origin: Brazil

As the stones are natural, sizes, shapes and color may slightly vary. All crystal healing purchases are final, no returns, no exchanges.

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