Bahia Amethyst Elestial Point

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These points are mined in the state of Bahia, Brazil. They are elestial wands and sometimes called Dragons Teeth because of their shape. They feature elestial etchings on the sides and most have a phantom crystals inside of them. They are ethically mined from only one location in Bahia, Brazil. Each is a natural single crystal specimen with keys all down the side, meaning they are not cleaved from a larger cluster, but form on their own, one at a time.

Amethyst opens the Crown Chakra and creates a pathway for access to higher vibrations. It instills the ability to act responsibly and to honor the vibration of love.These high grade crystals are perfect for crystal grids or make your own Elestial crystal crown!

Weights range from 15g – 120g, you can choose the weight you want in the drop down menu.

Charged up in the Dubai Sun!

All crystals purchases are final, no refunds, no exchanges.

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100-120g, 15-30g, 31-50g, 51-80g


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