Autumn Renewal Healing Bracelet

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Fall is one of the loveliest times for reflection and renewal. Magic seems more easily accessible, almost like it’s glittering in the air, begging us to see it. Autumn is a season for listening and looking upon the earth like a child would.

This grounding Autumn Renewal bracelet is worn to be reminded of the renewal process that we are always experiencing. Created and blessed under the energy of the Full Harvest Moon made with Red Carnelian carved leaves combined with more Red Carnelian, Aventurine, Kambaba Jasper and Raw Jasper. This nourishing bracelet is complete with a tiny leaf element.

Autumn Renewal Healing Affirmation:

I take a gentle cue from the falling leaves, trusting that everything is falling into place. Dying leaves nourish the soil for beginnings. I let nature teach me the passionate art of letting go in order to make way for renewal. It is my time to slow down and release my grip on that which is meant to be new. Clarity moves in like crisp autumn air.

Bead Size: 8mm

This healing bracelets is constructed on strong stretch cord and fits most medium size wrists. This bracelet can not be resized.

Each bracelet was handmade. There may be variations in your bracelet as every batch of natural semi-precious stone beads will vary in overall color tones and textures.

As per our policy, all crystal purchases are final, non-refundable and not exchangeable.

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